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Stop being Spastic and Reduce your Plastic!

Plastic is ruining our beatutiful Earth. Its ending up in our oceans, killing sealife. It doesn’t biodegrade. It isnt safe for our future.

So thats why we’re creating a campaign called ‘Stop being Spastic and Reduce your Plastic’. This campaign will help raise awareness about plastic and we will be creating products that are earth-friendly and make sure you end up plastic free.

Here are some few tips to being plastic free:

Use jars! How many of us buy our food in jars that we often throw out? Storing your jars and using them for things such as drinking cups, food storage, pot plant holders and many more creative ideas to reduce your plastic.

Shop at local organic farmers markets. Most of your fruit sellers or farmers markets have their produce in a basket waiting for you to pick some. Most people are lazy and use the plastic bags that are provided there. But there is so many options to reduce your plastic when you shop! Bring a weaved basket to carry with you, bring some jars you can store the fruit in, say no to plastic bags that sellers offer and tell everyone what your mission is!

Learning what you don’t need. Dont get sucked into buying junk that you dont need. Have a list and stick to that, refraining from as much plastic as you can.

Woolworths plastic bins. I’ve recently seen that Woolworths have got a bin that customers can put certain plastic into and they re-use it. It still foesnt reduce plastic. But they are reusing it, which is a step.

Homemade food. Lets face it. Pretty much 80% of the supermarket is packaged items. So how do we say no? Learning to make them at home is simple and fun! Ideas to replicate are: any bread or wraps, jams, juices, spreads, dips, cakes and more! Get creative! I do know that some people do not have time, but all the time we waste on social media, unwanted eating habits, sleeping in and so forth, we can use all that spare time to be productive, healthy and creative!

So you know some ideas know about how to reduce plastic. So here are some products we are selling to assist you with being plastic free!

100% organic cotton food carrying bag. Use this instead of your plastic bags to carry your certain food. 100% washable. Hand wash only. Contains cool lining inside to keep your food cool. 

Price: $10.00 in AUS only. Shipping costs $2.00


Resusable bamboo straws. These are a healthy, more environmental version of the everyday straws everyone uses these days! Also includes pouch which can be a food storing pouch as well!

Price: $15.00 a pack. AUS only. Shipping costs $2.00


Bamboo toilet paper. Not blonde, never bleached. Decomposable, earth friendly and you know you’ve been kind to the planet! Packaging is decomposable and reusable!

Price: 24 pack $35.00 Aus only. Shipping costs $2.00 only.


More items to be coming!!
All items are fake and something I created for a school project. Nothing is real but feel free to use ideas!

By Skye Nagtegaal